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Become a member
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Credit: Richard Ng, Bevan Clement


Membership is 100% free. We are all volunteers and we welcome applications to join us from Australasia and beyond.

You will need to be NOMINATED and SECONDED by members of ATRF who know you personally. If this is not possible, don’t worry we will find members who are willing to do this for you.
You will also need to certify that you are of good character and support the objectives of ATRF and agree to be bound by the rules of the Association.

Steps to membership:

If you change your email address, please let the President or Secretary know so that we can update our address database.

President: Graham Currie

Secretary: Matthew Jones

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of membership are numerous, some of which are summarized below. First of all its 100% Free. We are all volunteers! Join us and participate to promote transport research.

The main benefits of membership are:
Australiasian Transport Research Forum Covid 19 Webinar

Meet the members

ATRF has members from a global reach. This video introduces a range of ATRF members from across the globe.”