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The ATRF is the
principal transport
research conference
in Australia and
New Zealand.

Australasian Transport Research Forum

Welcome to the website of the
Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF).

ATRF is the principal transport research forum in Australasia. It maintains open dialogue among transport researchers, policymakers, advisors and practitioners, stimulating debate and forward-looking thinking about transport research across a wide range of subject areas. It is operated as an incorporated body (ATRF Inc).

ATRF Inc conducts its affairs in an open and transparent manner on behalf of its members without adopting the role of public advocate, lobbyist or activist.

Credit: Richard Ng, Bevan Clement

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The ATRF is underpinned by a three-level organisation.

The Executive Committee comprises representatives of academia, federal and state governments and private consultancies across Australia and New Zealand and it coordinates the forward program for the conference.

The Scientific Committee oversees the peer review of conference papers submitted for the annual conference.

The Local Organising Committee has primary responsibility for running the conference in the host city.

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41st Australasian
Transport Reasearch
Forum A

The Professional Practice Paper Prize for the author(s) of the best Professional Practice paper at the conference was awarded to Patrick Tsai for his paper on “Valuing Walking Amenity Benefits for Placemaking Projects.”
The Contemporary Research Paper Prize for the author(s) adjudged to have delivered the best Contemporary Research paper at the conference was awarded to Brook Shiferaw, Jennifer Cori, Luke Downey, Jonny Kuo, Mike Lenne, Shamsi Soleimanloo, Tracey Sletten, Shanthakumar Rajaratnam and Mark Howard for their paper on “Fatigue among heavy vehicle drivers: the impact of shift-start times and time of day”.”

Prizes/ Awards

The following awards are presented at each annual ATRF Conference:
The prizes are adjudged by a panel of between 3 and 5 suitably qualified and appropriate members of the Scientific Committee endorsed by the Executive Committee (in consultation with the award sponsor as appropriate).
The prizes comprise a certificate and (in some cases) a cash prize as determined by the Executive Committee.

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